Fresh Label Stock Makes The Difference

When printing labels fresh label stock makes the difference.

Perhaps the simplest yet most important aspect of a quality label is the material used in producing it. This is an aspect of printing that is both easily overlooked, but also difficult to track by the end user.

With material being perhaps the largest expense of a typical label order, a company will naturally utilize what they can to save on this cost. This can range from buying material in bulk to buying “odd” lots of old leftover material from 3rd party non-manufacturers. While both can be utilized if managed correctly, it can also compromise a print job.

Discount & Bulk Orders

Excessive discount bulk-ordering forces label producers to use old material where the adhesive may have started to break down. Furthermore, ordering of “odd” lots of material from random 3rd party resellers can lead to inconsistencies in finish, color, and adhesive. Unfortunately for the end user of the labels, there is often no way to know if their label producer used material that was 3 months old versus 3 years old until your labels start falling off of your product.

The Enterprise Label Guarantee

At Enterprise Label, we strive to only use fresh material when printing our labels. We buy no more than a 6 month supply of material at a time. Our vendors are established manufacturers, who provide consistent, quality materials manufactured to spec and guaranteed. Enterprise Label in turn passes along this guarantee to our customers.

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