Matching Color & Design With Print Media

Matching Color for Print Media

One of the most important aspects of branding for a company is consistency, especially when dealing with an array of printed materials. 

Create a Consistent Format for Suppliers to Follow

Many companies will create spec sheets for their official company designs and logos detailing height, width, spacing, etc.  This standardized design across all platforms helps ensure high quality reproduction of your logo and other brand materials.  

Controlling Color for Different Print Formats

Measuring color can be a bit more ambiguous than the physical layout of a logo or design.  Business cards, brochures, envelopes, cartons, display units, labels, blister packs, etc., can all can be printed with different printing processes and equipment, such as digital, offset, flexographic, lithographic, etc.  Add in your electronic media, such as websites, which display colors in RGB color scales, and all of the sudden your company’s color scheme can be skewed due to the inherent differences between them all.

To combat this, the Pantone color library is generally the best tool to use across the print industry.  It creates a universal system for color matching to allow a consistent looks across multiple print medias.  The physical color swatches give allow multiple vendors the same physical samples to personally reference to ensure consistency across the board.

Personalized Service

Oftentimes even the Pantone color library does not fully encompass all the colors used.  If your company utilizes unique colors and matching it spot on is crucial, send us your physical samples (such as printed media or a finished product) and we will personally mix the inks to match your sample. Contact us to learn more!