Enterprise Label, Inc. was founded in 1962 by Raymond Schmitz.

In his early years, Ray served in the Navy as a sonar-man for 5 years. After leaving the Navy, he went to work for Mark Andy, Inc. as a printer, eventually working his way up to foreman. As Mark Andy moved away from printing to focus on their equipment operations, Ray decided to set out on his own and start his own printing business. Operating from the basement of his own home, he would go out selling in the mornings, and then return to print in the afternoons and evenings.

Fast forward more than 50 years and several buildings, Enterprise Label is now operated by the second and third generation of the family – Dennis, Dan, and Kevin Schmitz.  Dennis, Dan, and Kevin strive to maintain the family business as a customer-focused environment and continue to build the legacy that Ray Schmitz started over fifty years ago.

Our Mission

Enterprise Label believes in providing an excellent work environment that its employees can depend on for a good work/life balance. In order to best serve our customers, we must first serve our employees. With low turnover and many years of experience, our customers can be assured that they will get the best service possible.