Adhesive Guide: Labeling Cold and Frozen Surfaces

Labeling Cold and Frozen Surfaces

When selecting a label material and adhesive that is to be used on a product, there are many variables that should be considered in order to insure a label will stick to the surface.  One of the most important of these variables is the temperature that the labels will be applied and operate at, called “application temperature” and “service temperature” respectively.  If this is not accounted for, the adhesive can be rendered useless and the label will not stick. 

Freezer Adhesive

If you label will be applied at less than 40-50 degrees F and require a service temperature less than about 32 degrees F, switching to an “all-temperature adhesive” or “freezer adhesive” is recommended.  Freezer adhesives can improve by allowing application of labels all the way down to 0 degrees F and can survive an operating temperature down into the negatives.

FDA Regulations

An added benefit for many of these freezer materials is that they are also in compliance with the FDA for use on food products, so they are useful on a wide range of meats, produce, prepared meals, etc. while staying in compliance with federal regulations.

Adhesives come in many other forms, uniquely formulated to tackle just about any project out there.  If you are experiencing adhesion issues with your labels, please contact us!

*Proper testing of materials is recommended to make sure it works with your application.  Results can vary depending on surface condition, and cleaning is still recommended whenever possible.