Thermal Transfer & Direct Labels

Smooth warehouse organization and accurate inventory control are essential for companies to run well. Thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels, coupled with a thermal transfer printer, allow companies to readily manage and control internal operation.

Easily print barcodes, batch information, expiration dates, and other variable data to keep track of key information or identify parts. Process large databases and print labels with ease for consistent and accurate information tracking.

Thermal Transfer Label Printing

Thermal printing is a long term application solution for labels that require the highest print quality. Unlike direct printing, thermal transfer label printers have the ability to print in color due to the requirement of a ribbon. Thermal transfer printers can print on a wide variety of materials ranging from film to polyester and can withstand harsh environments and temperature.

Direct Thermal Label Printing

Direct thermal printers are mostly used for short term label applications and cost less to operate than thermal transfer printers due to them operating without ribbons, ink, or toner. Direct printers can only print in black and white, but are great for printing items such as coupons, receipts, tickets, and more!


Service Conditions

  • Room Temperature

Thermal Label Solutions

  • Durable paper & film materials coated for use with thermal transfer printers
  • “All-temperature” adhesive for tough adhesion in a wide range of temperatures
  • Protective varnishes and lamination for additional protection
  • Compatible with machine applicators, dispensers, fillers, and thermal transfer printers

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