Specialty Security & Circuit Board Labels

We offer many specialty materials ideal for niche uses. Circuit board labels, for instance, are well-suited for high performance computers and servers that experience extremely high temperatures internally. We also offer tamper-resistant materials designed to help maintain warranties and secure machinery used in financial transactions, such as ATM’s, gas pumps, and slot machines. Durable specialty films, flexible adhesives, and destructible materials help protect and secure valuable data.


  • Circuit Boards
  • Electrical Components
  • Warranty Enforcement
  • Financial Machinery Enclosures
  • Barcodes and Variable Information

Service Conditions

  • High Heat
  • Tamper Prone Machinery

Specialty Security & Circuit Board Label Solutions

  • Durable film materials for quality print and long lifespan
  • Specialty film materials available for tamper resistance
  • Flexible adhesives created for niche uses
  • Protective varnishes and lamination for additional protection
  • Compatible with machine applicators, dispensers, and thermal transfer printers

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